Brands We Repair

At Kevin’s Appliance Repair we aim to be your go-to appliance repair shop in Cedar Hill, TX. Because of this, our dedicated team of technicians is able to service all major brands and models of home appliances such as those listed below.

This international powerhouse has its head offices in Boston and spans several different business sectors from power to healthcare, finance, and everything else! GE appliances are a subsidiary of this large company and are one of the top appliance brands worldwide.

This company makes freezers, washing machines, and dryers, A/C units, dishwashers, filtration units, as well as heating systems. Not satisfied with just manufacturing however, they also innovate. Recent innovations include fridges that brew your coffee and appliances that clean themselves, and in fact, the brand has decades of home innovations in their portfolio- 150 years to be precise.

Samsung is a Korean brand that is based in Seoul. There are many segments to the company but its largest section is Samsung Electronics. This company makes everything from smartphones to vacuum cleaners, and a great range of appliances too! Samsung manufactures home appliances such as fridges, ovens, A/C’s, ranges, washing machines, and more.

Bosch has its roots in the UK and has a strong philosophy of intelligent innovation, designing products to make your life better and easier. They aren’t interested in gimmicks and have over 900 patents submitted each year, meaning they’re making a huge mark in the appliance industry. They are best known for their strong design aesthetic and their commitment to quality and customer service.


LG aims to make life as good as it can be through their appliances. Their products focus on helping you get your work done faster, or enjoy the household chores, making your living space better, and giving you more free time on your hands to do what matters to you. LG sells washers and dryers, as well as combination units, and also fridges, A/C units, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners.


Maytag is probably most well known for its amazing 10-year warranty on all their appliances. They promise this extended warranty time because of their strong belief in the quality of their products. They will also only work with the very best repair services – such as us. Maytag makes washers and dryers, as well as a whole host of kitchen appliances.


For over 100 years Kenmore has developed top-quality home appliances. The products they make are well-known for their efficiency and effectiveness which is what drives the company to innovate new design features that make them popular with consumers. They also offer a wide portfolio of products covering every major home appliance you may need.


Viking is a well-known subsidiary of the appliance giant Middleby – the biggest commercial kitchen appliance manufacturer in the world. This makes Viking stand out from the crowd because that commercial quality and standard are brought into your home. This gives you high power high-performance appliances at your disposal such as ranges and cooktops, ovens, fridges, dishwashers and ice makers.


Frigidaire is able to seamlessly merge style and performance to bring quality home appliances to your front door. They are most well-known for the wide range of refrigerators including compact models and French-door designs. They also make stoves and ranges in gas, electric and induction models, as well as dryers and laundry appliances too.

No matter the brand you choose, no product will work perfectly forever, and when they develop a problem, don’t put up with it. Instead, call Kevin’s Appliance Repair today, and we’ll have your machines up and running in no time.