Dishwasher Repair

In many homes, a dishwasher is an essential tool to save time. A dishwasher takes care of one of the most loathed household chores, giving you more time to spend on the things that matter. Because of this, when a dishwasher breaks down its loss is keenly felt.

Don’t resort to washing dishes by hand. If you live in Cedar Hill, TX, take action and call the friendly team at Kevin’s Appliance Repair today. We will have a professional on your doorstep quickly and will work diligently to return your dishwasher to perfect working order. We have a well-trained team of expert technicians who have lots of experience servicing the major brands. We give you a quote upfront and can complete repairs on the same day.

If your dishwasher is still working, but you feel it needs some TLC then you can call us too! We’re great at servicing and maintaining your machine. This not only prolongs the lifespan of your machine but ensures it’s working at optimal levels.

Why your Dishwasher Has Broken
There are many reasons why your dishwasher may have failed. The pump assembly might be worn or even causing your machine to leak, you could have issues with your heating elements, or a clogged drain line, the water inlet valve is also a common culprit. When any one of these components fails, you can end up with a swathe of issues on your hands.

Because of this, you need to call in the dishwasher repair experts, because DIY repairs are only likely to cause more damage and cost you more money in the process as special tools are often required. You could also cause yourself injury as you’re not properly aware of the hazards.

Our expert repair service prevents you from going through this struggle, and as we get the job done quickly and affordably, your day won’t be disrupted either.

Common Dishwasher Issues

The Water Won’t Drain
This issue might be able to be fixed by cleaning the drain screen which is found at the bottom of your dishwasher. This problem is commonly caused by not rinsing your dishes correctly. However, if the drain is clean the issue may be being caused by a faulty pump or drain pipe problems.

Machine is Loud
Loud noises from your machine are often caused by damaged housing or blockages. This will often need replacement parts to resolve and isn’t something you should try yourself. If your machine turns off after making noises then the motor is probably kaput.

The cycle runs too long, the Dishes aren’t clean
If you notice your cleaning cycles go on for too long then your thermostat or timer has issues. If the dishes are coming out poorly cleaned then you may have problems with the spray arms or the impeller or heating elements.

Doesn’t Fill or Overfills
If your dishwasher starts but won’t fill then it is likely draining too quickly which can need the float or water inlet valve to be serviced or replaced. This will need to be repaired by removing the lower access panel so it should be left to us, the professionals.

Replacing the inlet valve is a tricky task because it is located in different places within each brand, which is where our expertise comes in.

Should you consider a replacement?

With the correct care and maintenance practices, your dishwasher should last up to 10 years. At the end of its life, you might start to notice an influx of issues that could have you calling us. If we assess your machine and think the repair would be pointless due to cost or how long it will last, we’ll tell you and recommend a replacement. We’ll even help with installation.

No matter what your dishwasher problem is we’re on hand to help. Call our office today to book an appointment.