Freezer Repair

You often underestimate just how much food your freezer can hold until you suddenly have to find somewhere else to store it. Freezer failures can be expensive because they often have hundreds or even thousands of dollars of food at stake which can go to waste or create one huge mess.

If your freezer has let you down, we won’t. Call Kevin’s Appliance Repair any time to have your freeze back up and running quickly. We’re the fastest responding repair service in all of Cedar Hill, TX and we are well known for our incredible emergency services.

Why did my freezer breakdown?

There are many reasons why your freezer could be on the fritz. The defrost drainage hose might have become blocked or the condenser coils could be clogged with grime, there might be issues with the evaporator fan, or you might be experiencing faulty door seals. Aside from all these, the thermostat, the compressor, or even the compressors relay.

Whatever problem your freezer is suffering from you should never attempt freezer repair yourself. You need to be experienced working with both electricity and water and should have the correct safety precautions in place. If you don’t have these qualifications, don’t attempt it.

Trying to repair your freezer with trial and error is just a recipe for disaster. If you don’t end up harming yourself or those around you, you’ll probably end up doing further damage instead of fixing the issue. It is for all these reasons that you need to hire professionals such as us to take care of your appliance issues. That way you won’t be affecting your warranty and saving time and money too.

Common Freeze Problem

Loud Freezer Noises
If your freezer makes loud clicking sounds then you’ve probably got issues with your start relay or your compressor. Your freeze should only make a gentle humming sound and any other kind of noise should be investigated.

Your starting relay is responsible for powering your compressor if this part has burnt out or isn’t working effectively then it will need to be replaced. If the problem continues then you’d need to have a new evaporator fan installed, and the compressor mounts might need to be replaced also.

The Freezer Won’t Run or the Freezer Doesn’t Get Cold
If your freezer doesn’t turn on when plugged in then the power supply has become disrupted. Check if any fuses have blown or if the breaker has tripped and if this isn’t the case give us a ring. If your freezer isn’t getting chilly enough, then it’s likely there is a restriction in the air vents or the evaporator fan or condenser coils are malfunctioning. We’re experienced in handling these kinds of problems.

Freezer is leaky

If there is water on the floor below your freezer then there’s probably damage to the water inlet valve. If this isn’t so then the drain cube is probably clogged.

Considering Replacements

Freezers are appliances with a long lifespan. They are designed to last over 15 years but once it reaches this estimate they will likely start to need more care and repairs. You may need to consider buying a new machine. We can help you to select the right model for you and set it up for you. We’ll even remove your own model.

If your freezer is on the fritz call us today.